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09/12/2019 · It’s hard to argue that a movie with Christmas carols in it is not a Christmas movie. Composer Michael Kamen incorporated the verse of “Winter Wonderland” into the action music for Die Hard. When Hans Gruber Alan Rickman’s gang enters. 20/12/2018 · The film now plays in theaters around the country over the holidays. There is a corresponding illustrated book, “A Die Hard Christmas.” Bruce Willis has weighed in: “Die Hard is not a Christmas movie. It’s a g--d--- Bruce Willis movie,” he said in July. And news media articles now chronicle the debate every December. Die Hard: 5 Reasons It's Not A Christmas Movie & 5 Reasons It Is The debate surrounding Die Hard's qualification as a Christmas movie has been going on for years, and we're here to settle it! 15/07/2018 · “Die Hard is not a Christmas movie!” he declared of the 1988 classic. When asked how fans of the film might react to his position, Willis told reporters after the roast, “We’ll see.” RELATED: Exclusive James McAvoy, Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson get Treated in ‘Glass’ First Look Photo. 15/07/2018 · Bruce Willis has declared that Die Hard is not a Christmas movie during his appearance on The Comedy Central Roast Of Bruce Willis. Released in July 1988, Die Hard is set at Christmas Eve and regularly appears in Top Christmas Films lists every.

Bruce Willis Closes Roast With Declaration That Die Hard Isn't A Christmas Movie. During a taping of his Comedy Central roast, star Bruce Willis finally settles the debate among fans that Die Hard is not a Christmas movie. 17/12/2018 · The star of the show, Bruce Willis has commented that he doesn't think it's a Christmas movie either. For him the genre is completely different: “Die Hard is not a Christmas movie. It’s a god damn Bruce Willis movie!” he said during his Comedy Central Roast in July.

In this regard, the film Die Hard has earned its title. It’s not going away any time soon. Of course, this traditionalist argument could be used to debunk the annual viewing of almost any Christmas movie. The odds are, more families will gather around the television set than will attend a Christmas Eve candlelight service this year. 16/12/2018 · Screenwriter Steven de Souza continues to defend "Die Hard," but many disagree that movies like the thriller, "Gremlins" and "Trading Places" fit the bill. The debate over what constitutes a Christmas movie often parallels the larger cultural discussion over the true meaning of the holiday.Photo. 07/12/2017 · This followed an earlier YouGov poll which asked: “Do you consider a movie that takes place at Christmas time, but is not about Christmas itself, to be a Christmas movie?” While 50% voted No in that one, even asking specifically about Die Hard in a follow-up poll wasn’t enough to see the film officially stamped as a Christmas movie.

20/06/2007 · At the end of his Comedy Central roast Saturday, Bruce Willis ended the night by declaring that “Die Hard” is not a Christmas movie, ending one of the biggest ongoing debates in pop culture. Fans say otherwise. 07/12/2019 · After all, what better way to ring in Christmas than with a healthy dose of explosions and gunfire? Even though Die Hard came out way back in 1988, the debate as to whether or not it’s a Christmas movie rages on, as many will still swear blind that it doesn’t count as a festive feature. Is Die Hard a really Christmas film? 17/12/2018 · Some movies are obviously not Christmas movies – Last Action Hero is just a bad movie. The reason Die Hard sparks such fierce arguments is that film appreciation is subjective. Filmmaking is a highly collaborative art without one single ‘creator’ and films are typically designed to be seen by large numbers of people around the world. 26/12/2019 · “Die Hard” is not just a great Christmas movie, but a truly great movie, period. Released in 1988, “Die Hard” was the first film of its genre. It was the first pure action film, and it remains the greatest pure action film ever made today, despite hundreds of attempts to replicate it, including five sequels. Its greatness includes.

04/12/2017 · Despite often topping lists of unconventional seasonal movies, Die Hard isn’t actually a Christmas film, according to a new YouGov poll. The results published today December 4 found that the majority of people think that a film that isn’t explicitly about Christmas can’t be a Christmas film. When Public Policy Polling asked this question in 2015, 62 percent said that “Die Hard” didn’t qualify as a Christmas movie versus just 13 percent who thought it did. The good news for “Die Hard” fans, per this new one from Morning Consult: The share that thinks it’s a Christmas movie has grown since then. 16/07/2018 · Bruce Willis has declared that Die Hard is not a Christmas movie.Directed by John McTiernan and co-written by Steven E. de Souza and Jeb Stuart, the 1988 action classic follows Willis’ character John McClane, an off-duty police officer, as he is. 04/12/2018 · Some bad news for those who think Die Hard is one of the best Christmas movies: A new poll finds that most people don’t think Die Hard is a Christmas movie at all. The Hollywood Reporter recently ran a survey to scientifically judge the most beloved holiday film. Good news: The. When it comes to the most widely debated earning of the “Christmas movie” title, the action-packed classic Die Hard 1988 takes the fruitcake. In an attempt to put some of these arguments to rest, we are putting this so-called Christmas movie on trial and laying out our evidence to prove once and for all if this title has earned its place.

24/12/2015 · A very important recent poll found a shocking 62 percent of voters do not think Die Hard qualifies as a Christmas movie. Of course the 1988 film is not only a Christmas movie but also a perfect one, stuffed with more Xmas per frame than anything airing on. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD – although, c’mon, surely you’ve seen Die Hard by now. For most of my life, when the is-it-a-Christmas-movie-or-isn’t-it question erupted about the latest Die Hard offering, I have been firmly in the camp of “I couldn’t care less.”. Status as a Christmas film. In 2010, Die Hard was voted as "The Greatest Christmas Film of All Time" by Empire. In 2012, IGN listed it at the top spot on their list of "The Top 25 Action Movies". Debates have been had about whether or not Die Hard should be considered a Christmas film.

To say Die Hard is a Christmas movie makes as much sense as saying 7 Years in Tibet is a WW2 movie. Just because a movie is set during a time frame doesn't mean the movie is about that time frame. Don't get me wrong, the movie is dope AF, but it's not a Christmas movie. 16/07/2018 · “If ‘Die Hard’ is not a Christmas movie, then ‘White Christmas’ is not a Christmas movie,” de Souza said. He even made a handy chart to explain himself. The film, released 30 years ago Sunday, is arguably the most iconic action flick of the 1980s, if not all time.

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